Presentation Skills


Do you want to make your presentations more engaging, more powerful, and more interesting and at the same time less fearful for you? This interactive training will give you the tools to plan, design and deliver memorable presentations. Some homework will be needed as you will be asked to prepare a short presentation for the opening session.


Anyone who needs to improve the structure and content of their presentations, overcome nerves when presenting, or influence and persuade their audience to do something differently as a result of their presentation.


  • By the end of the course participants will:
  • Master control of your nerves when speaking in public
  • Develop a more confident and persuasive vocal style
  • Use body language to build rapport and keep your audience interested
  • Use language techniques to ensure that your key message is understood
  • Plan and structure your presentations creatively for maximum impact
  • Learn how to use powerful interactive techniques to control your
  • Learn to plan a presentation that will impact positively on your audience.
  • Learn How to overcome and work with your nerves.
  • Get insights on handling questions.


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