Minute Writing Skills


Three ingredients are necessary to ensure that meetings are productive and worth the expense and time. These three ingredients are; assurance of closure, a strong chair or leader and accurate minutes. After all if people can’t agree on what actually occurred at a meeting how can the group effectively accomplish its objectives? Effective minute taking is vital to the efficiency of an organisation and a good minute taker can transform the effectiveness of a team. 
Our one-day minute-taking course is a sound training that equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to write professional minutes.


  • Anyone who takes minutes but has never received formal training
  • Anyone who want a better understanding of the roles and relationship of the chair and minute-taker
  • Anyone who would like to polish their minute-taking and/ or chairing skills
  • Anyone who will have to take minutes/ chair meetings in the future and wants to be able to understand and apply best practice


  • Defining the role of a minute taker 
  • Defining the purpose of minutes
  • Best practice: How do you define ‘good’ minutes?
  • Skills for Taking Minutes
  • Listening carefully (Listening for the salient points)
  • Think critically
  • Organising information 
  • Efficient use of time
  • Minute Styles
  • Formal meeting styles
  • Informal meeting style
  • Action meeting style
  • Taking notes effectively and quickly, using a template
  • What Is Important and What Is Not 
  • Taking minutes in Interactive meetings
  • Handling group dynamics
  • Learning to summarise 
  • Keeping energy in meetings
  • Offering clear instruction on the completion of meetings
  • A to Z of taking minutes / checklist
  • Minute Book


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