COBIT Foundation Course


COBIT Foundation training is the first step in understanding that management and governance of IT as an organisational resource is imperative for good business value and risk management. Emphasis in this course is presented in the identification of issues, presenting a governance structure that identifies information criteria that will help correct or mitigate issues through the use of good and defined processes and resources in a manageable framework to sustain and grow an organisation. It illustrates that the focus of COBIT is providing the correct information in a collaborative approach between business and IT to facilitate the achievement of organisation strategic objectives.


Business Process Owners, Business Managers, Consultants, IT Professionals, Auditors and all others wishing to gain a better understanding of COBIT ® and how it can assist in the implementation of IT Governance and support IT Assurance.



  • Styles and Outlines
  • Formatting Tables
  • Templates and Building Blocks
  • Graphics
  • Managing Document Revisions
  • Cross References and Table of Contents


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