Coaching and Mentoring


This course is designed to provide a steer to those who have been chosen as Mentors (and may even already be acting or have acted as mentors) to enhance their inherent mentoring capabilities and to Human Capital Managers looking to utilise mentoring as a strategic tool. It will also teach you to evaluate a situation and make an action plan as part of the process of coaching for performance. Delegates learn when it's appropriate to mentor, train, counsel, or discipline an employee, and you'll be given guidelines and tips on how to perform each of these tasks in the most effective manner possible.


Supervisors, Managers and Coaches.


  • Recognize the value of effective coaching.
  • The Essentials of Mentoring
  • Identify the characteristics of a good coach.
  • Mentoring as a Manager
  • Choose the principles of good coaching.
  • Select the elements of an effective coaching process.
  • Recognize the importance of effective motivation.
  • Identify the elements of effective motivation.
  • Choose effective practices for giving feedback.
  • Mentoring Strategies
  • Select the elements of a constructive feedback session.
  • Recognize the value of effective training techniques.
  • Identify the factors in effective adult learning.
  • Choose the factors of training-needs assessment. 
  • Identify effective training methods.
  • Recognize the importance of sound counselling techniques.
  • Identify situations when counselling is appropriate.
  • Choose the elements of effective counselling.
  • Apply the elements of counselling to a scenario by choosing opening remarks that are both appropriate and fair, given the situation.


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