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This Month’s KEZ: Improved Healthcare. 

The focus of this month’s Knowledge Economy Zambia is on Improved Healthcare

Our first article looks at how one health institution has built programs that have addressed its internal needs and improved the level of care of its patients because of increased employee satisfaction.

Our second article illustrates how the use of LEAN principles could address quality concerns in the health sector while ensuring that both the customer and the system enjoy the benefits of efficient processes.

The last article in this month edition looks at how we can link our work and life away from work, especially now that the wall between the two has been broken due to the rise of mobile internet connectivity.

September 2013 Edition-Improved Healthcare>


  • Linking Training to Care
  • What LEAN Could do for Healthcare in Zambia
  • How Integrating Work and Life Makes Better Organisations

June 2013 Edition-Personal Development

[KEZ Cover]

  • Crossing the Canyon from Technical Expert to First-Time Leader
  • 10 Career-Tanking Phrases to Avoid Using in the Workplace
  • A Recruiters First Impression

May 2013 Edition-Improving Your Management Skills.

[KEZ May cover]

  • Managing Effectively Without Micromanaging
  • 10 Ms of Employee Engagement
  • Creating a Culture of Motivation

April 2013 Edition-Sorry, we do not have an issue for this month.

March 2013 Edition-Sorry, we do not have an issue for this month.

February 2013 Edition-New Recruits in the Workplace.


  • Getting to Know the Employee of the Future
  • Getting up to Speed
  • The New ICDL

January 2013 Edition-Recruitment. 


  • 8 Tough Questions to Better Appraise Your Existing Recruitment Suppliers
  • Preparing Today’s Youths for Tomorrow’s Workplace
  • Résumé Failures and Feats

December 2012 Edition-Sorry, we do not have an issue for this month. 

November  2012 Edition-Leadership, Strategy and Innovation. 

[KEZ November]

  • Leadership is What Leadership Does
  • Learning Way Through Crisis
  • Inventive Problem Solving: Key to Cutting Through Complexity

October  2012 Edition-Customer Service and Team Building. 

  • Culture as a Competitive Advantage
  • Agent + 
  • Cooking up Effective Team Building

September  2012 Edition- Career Management for Managers

  • What is the Evolution of a Manager According to Harvard?
  • Are your Negotiation Skills Limiting Your Business’Success? 
  • Learn to Get What You Want

August 2012 Edition- Competency  Management

  • Why Organisations Use Competencies
  • Organisational Excellence through an Effective Competency Framework-People CMM®
  • Your Guide to Developing Sales Managers

July 2012 Edition- ICT in the workplace

  •  License to Drive
  •  We all work on the network
  •  Allowing Technology to work for you rather than against you
  •  Ready or Not

June 2012 Edition-Change Management

  • Change Management
  • Island of Change
  • Success with change

May 2012 Edition-Getting started with e-Learning: Eight Questions to Consider

  • Getting started with e-Learning :Eight Questions to consider
  • E-Learning in zambia
  • Using e-Learning to support Strategic Business Initiatives
  • E-Learning Evaluation

April 2012 Edition-The Need for a Quality Revolution

  • The Need for Quality Revolution
  • Who does What? Project Management in Action
  • An ROI story :Improving the Bottom Line with Six Sigma

March 2012 Edition-Performance Management: A Critical Learning Tool

  • Performance Management: A Critical Learning Tool
  • Talk Me Through It:The Next Level of Performance Management
  • Developing the New Manager (Part 2)
  • Facilitated Learning

February 2012 Edition- Human Capital Development in the Knowledge Economy

  • The guiding hand :Mentoring  Women
  • TopFloor on Women-omics
  • Developing the Manager (Part 1)
  • March 8th 2012

Public Discussion Forum – February 2013 Presentations

Zambia Unsaid Truth Presentation Feb 2013

Zambia’s Strategic Advantage as an Investment Destination


Power Networking Speech

25 April 2012

- Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, MINISTERS, Director General ZNBC,

- Leaders in Government

- Our Host, Luckie Chiyowele

- CEOs, Leaders in Business

- Ladies & Gentlemen

It is a pleasure to be here tonight. On behalf of TopFloor and the American Chamber of Commerce, thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a few moments of your time.

We are all here because we have some interest in providing financing to SMEs, we want to access financing for our own SMEs, or we’re maybe interested in the subject. More than this, we are interested in either accessing better finance or capturing more customers by providing better financing...Read more

The Value in Value

Eeeeesh! My people need training! They have just failed to deliver on time and I am responsible. Productivity is not what it needs to be for my staff to deliver.

Was it because they did not know how to Word-merge or create a chart in Excel? Or that they did not understand the lag and lead-times of the project they are managing? Or did my email go down again for days because your IT staff simply do not have the skills....Read more

The Need for a Quality Revolution

To be the best, we need to be unlike the rest. All too often in our local setting, the focus from the employer’s perspective is on making a profit or perhaps even just on keeping in the black. From the employee perspective, the focus, more often than not, is on performing to a sufficient degree just to get paid. Then there is the consumer perspective where the focus is often times on convenient procurement, particularly when afforded limited choice.

I’m sure many of our readers will agree, that from  a consumer and buyer perspective, we all deserve better than the second-rate and sometimes sub-standard products and services that we receive in -country. What must it take for us to receive quality service or products that are designed to meet our needs and expectations as global citizens? 

Your Voice deserves attention

By Dave Vosburg, , TopFloor

This quarter Airtel is launching a 3.75G network, Huawei is introducing 4G phones,and
iConnectis rolling-out its 4G network.But where did 3G go? Tens of thousands of
Zambians are accessingthe internet on their mobile phones… but they have never used
a desktop to view the web.In technology,Zambia is leap-frogging over a generation or
more of technology, and surpassingmany cities in developed nations, and some countries entirely!


In December, TopFloor hosted Avivah Wittenberg-Cox to discuss the concept of Womenomics. Womenomics highlights the perspective that women now represent the majority of the talent pool, and a majority of the market, so a better gender balance in leadership yields better corporate performance. In casual discussion,Avivah spoke of her visits with corporations in Europe and North America as being frustrating. She indicated that entrenched male interests often prevented leaders from changing their behaviors, policies and procedures to encourage gender-balancing.:..Read more

Performance Management : Critical Learning Tool

As discussed in a post earlier this month (, approximately twenty percent of our learning comes through feedback and observation. A critical piece of the feedback we use to learn is from performance appraisals with our line managers and other stakeholders whom we interact with in our role at the company.

Implementing a robust performance management system is necessary to maximize the learning and performance of your staff. Having met with dozens of human resource managers and discussed the challenges they face in implementing their performance management programs, there are three common mistakes that are made consistently which are the cause of the majority of frustration:….Read more


How Do We Learn? 70 – 20 – 10 ?

Last night I was having a discussion with Dave Forman, Chief Learning Officer for the Human Capital Institute, and he reminded me of a principle that we often forget as managers responsible for the learning and development of our workforce.

70 – 20 – 10 
- Seventy percent of our learning comes from experience at our jobs solving challenges day-to-day
– Twenty percent of our learning we receive through feedback, direct or by observation
– Ten percent of our learning happens through formal training”….Read more


Choosing Your Workforce

I am finished with employers complaining about talent. I have heard time and again from fellow CEOs and managers that they are unable to find employees with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes. I am here to state that the answer to our talent challenges are not with the people, but the cause is the organizations we lead and for which we work.

Hiring for Attitude

One of our expert trainers was speaking with a CEO who was expressing his frustration over the challenging talent environment. “There just are not enough people of the kind we want.”….Read more


TopFloor on Womenomics

Warren Buffet is arguably the most accomplished investor in the world. Over decades he has taken a very modest amount of capital and turned it into billions of dollars, making him one of the richest people globally. He has also become a great philanthropist, giving the majority of his riches not to his children, but investing it in critical health and development issues.

 But how did Warren do so well? Warren built his empire through value-based investments, rather than growth investments. A value-based investment strategy identifies opportunities in which companies are under-valued and future growth is guaranteed, whereas a growth investment looks for opportunities in an industry in which market-beating growth is expected….Read more


Psychometric Assessment… …Psycho-What?

Make sure you don’t hire a psycho!

Four months ago you hired a Director who you were hopeful would be integral to the advancement and transformation of your organization. You spent months developing the precise job description, contracting a recruitment agency to provide you with a pool of above average individuals and interviewing dozens of candidates. After all the effort, you and the selection committee settled on the ‘perfect’ candidate. She had all the skills, knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Then month number four struck. The probationary period ended, and you’ve realized you’ve made a mistake….

We have all had this experience, realizing that we have hired the wrong person when its virtually too late. It is not uncommon for someone to be ‘good on paper,’ interview convincingly, demonstrate knowledge, and perform at the beginning of their role before a lack of results brings expectations crashing down. Sometimes it may even be our hope in finding a candidate within a target timeframe and our over-investment in the process that contributes to distorted expectations and mis-hiring. Let’s admit it, hiring is more of an art than a science… right?…Read more